Asset / Roof Inspections

As Engineers, our detailed understanding of how buildings and structures work gives us a distinct advantage when conducting Asset Inspections. We have extensive experience with knowing where and what to look for when conducting inspections. This added experience may mean the difference between finding an issue or not and an issue found early can save a lot of time and money in the future. 

Some of main reasons for utilising Unmanned Aerial Inspections:

  • Save money not having to pay riggers or tower climbers.
  • Capture clear, high resolution photographic evidence to ensure you’re covered.
  • Take away the risk of sending employees into high risk areas by sending a Drone.
  • Save time up to 80% of time on site compared to that of traditional manned inspections.
  • Utilise Photos, Videos, 2D and/or 3D maps depending on what best suits you.

Photo: Sample image of Roof Inspection looking at broken room tiles.

Some of the assets and situations where Drones can be used:

  • Roof Inspections for damage or leaking.
  • Facade inspections.
  • Industrial facilites.
  • Tower Inspections (Mobile Phone, Electrical, Communication towers, etc.)
  • Indoor inspection such as Stadiums, Factories and Exhibition Buildings.
  • Post Disaster inspections. I.e. Bushfires, Floods and Storms.
  • Other difficult areas to reach from the ground (Chimneys, top of Machinery, etc.)
Photo: Sample Ortho-image of whole house roof. Perfect for Existing Condition Inspections.