Construction Industry

BIM (Building Information Modelling) 

Improve your sites efficiency by utilising our 3D Building Information Models. Use 3D modelling to map, measure, record, analyse and report all works done on site from anywhere in the world.

What can BIM be used for?

  • Project Planning and Design with 3D access to site from anywhere in the world.
  • Verification of As Built’s
  • Earthworks:
    • Stockpile Volume Measurements
    • Cut and Fill calculations
  • Regular updates to visualise and track changes to the project
  • Improve collaboration with teams and/or other stakeholders
  • 3D point clouds for documentation

Engineering Analysis

Utilise our unique visual capturing methods to capture data on jobs to help improve your designs. Being construction, demolition or renovations, we can capture your job sites and works done in 360, high speed cameras or time-lapse to give you a new data on how your designs function.

How we can capture information:

  • 360 Image Capture: Have virtual access to your site anywhere in the world.
  • Demolition of structures: Capture and analyse the failure mechanism of structures when being brought down.
  • Construction / Demolition Time-lapse: Get 4K resolution time-lapse of your site being built or brought down.