Feature Mapping

Need to measure something on site? Sick of walking around with a tape measure or having get surveyors to come take the measurements for you? Why not try a Feature Map!

Aerial Engineering Australia’s Feature Mapping is a geolocated and measurable 2D orthomosaic image of your site that enables you analyse and measure what you want, when you want. Imagine having your very own Google Earth or Near Maps where you can make 2D and 3D measurements, area measurements, volumes measurements and monitor progress on site to a much higher degree of accuracy and photo resolution. 

Benefits to you:

  • Have an up-to-date Feature Map of your current site conditions to monitor progress.
  • Quickly measure between any points you choose on your site. Don’t be restricted by only the points surveyors have measured.
  • Feature maps are available online allowing you to make real time measurements and decisions anywhere in the world.

Why Feature Mapping over Feature Survey?

  • Typically Feature surveys consist of only a few specific points that are measured on site. These are then presented as an AutoCad drawing to show the measured points.
  • Aerial Engineering Australia’s Feature Maps are made using photogrammetry and allow our clients to measure anything they desire within the mapped area.
  • Significantly decreased time on site compared to traditions survey methods. Particularly on larger areas of acre or greater.
  • You can check the accuracy of the map for yourself. We provide processing reports with our maps that indicate the Relative Accuracy and Absolute Accuracy of our maps.
See some of our examples below:

Morwell Power Station - Click to Enlarge

Mobile Phone Tower, Victoria - Click to Enlarge

*please note, feature maps are not designed to replace tradition cadastral surveys by licensed surveyors. Feature maps can be used for reference but are not to be used determining property boundaries unless signed off by a licensed surveyor.